Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre, 2020

We were lucky to work with @tunes.of.i on their new music video ‘Get Up’

We put on a 70s community fair for the occasion, with porcupine pineapples and soul train dance alleys - and had a splendid time in the collaborative creative process.

The outfits were spectacular, and the crowd was largely connected to the Wellington musical community.

@katerussellstylist was responsible for the styling, she’s incredible.

As the day turned to night, the dancing began. Fueled by vegetarian sausages and lamingtons; the @tunes.of.i guys made sure everybody was up and grooving.

With blissful brass and bass beaming, the Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre witness one heck of a party.

Incredibly lit by Sebastian Fraser and Karl Mooyman.

Thanks to everyone who was part of it 💜

Special thanks to Lee Gingold, the director of the shoot.

Directed by Lee Gingold

Executive Producer - Jack Gittings

Producer - Andre Smith

Art Direction - Liv Gallagher

Editor - Lee Gingold

Head Stylist - Kate Russell

Lead Hair Stylist - Brent Mishkin

Hair Style Team - Megggs, Georgie, Carra, Josh, Sage and Ansel

DOP - Caleb Sircombe

Camera - Karl Mooyman, Lee Gingold

Camera Asst - Ruby Rowe Stage

Lighting - Sebastian Fraser

Choreography - Hayley Caudwell, Ella Carling

Catering - Taylah Barker, Human Peeb, Khama Paul

Media Photography - Oscar Keys, Caitlin Gladstone

Introducing Ruby Jane

Additional thanks to; Tuatara Brewing, Grouse Lighting, Newtown Community Centre, Illumination and Optics, Tuatara Brewery, Pippy McClenaghan, Gaylene Preston, James Manttan, Timebank Wellington, Josh Dominicovich, Grant and Saskia from Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre, NZ on Air and a massive thank you to all of our Wellington homies that joined us in the festivities on the day!

Filmed at the Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre

Funded by NZ On Air, as part of the New Music Singles scheme

Tunesfest 2020

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