Mouthfull Zine #5 

Published late 2019


The fifth edition on Mouthfull Zine features a talented array of artists from both local and international locations. 


Povoked by the idea of 'Organic Processes' artists we're curated to submit pieces of their genious to this collection ~ amounting to a variety of photographs, paintings, comedic takes, drawings, and paintings. 


Featured artists; Andy MacRae, Bella Johansson, Bli Su, Chris Thompson, Denzel De Ruysscher, Elaine Bautista, Emerson Radisich, George Turner, Henry King, Jack Devereux, Karl Halliday, Kristine Zipfel, Melissa Murphy, Natalie Jurrjens


Printed by Riegers

Read the zine in the reading room

Mouthfull Zine #5

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