magnitude4.0 poster.jpg

Magnitude 4.0

02/06/18 @ 13 Garrett St

Big homemade pallet stage.

Visual art exhibition. VJs.

Live Music. Performance art.

The Event:


Pumping, vibrant, warm, eloquent, delicious and danceable contemporary JAZZ. Formerly known as Tobergine, this quartet will set the tone for the evening.

Same Name Confusion

Five piece flippin' dance music band resonating vibes that fill you with ecstatic bliss. We see bold similarities between David Byrne, Morrissey and SNC's frontman Luke Courtney.

Ursula Le Sin 

Slick, composed yet very raw and gritty. These live Korg transmissions set a wondrous aura of cosmic significance.

Jasper Lindsay-Arms

If this music reaches your eardrums and doesn't make your body move in enjoyment we don't know what will.

Visual DJing by WITH LOVE FROM MOTHER and Abe Hollingsworth

Performance art by Single Ply Paper co.

As much as we love to party and dance we also love to be safe and comfortable in a trusting community of loving people. Please look after one another, be sensible and open/observant while magnitoodin.

There'll be the fourth edition of the Mouthfull zine for $5, as with every Magnitude. $5 entry before 11pm, $10 after 11pm.

Visual Artists: Alex Birkett, MadShrew, Yelz, Violette Squire, George Turner, Curtis Mills, Sam Gorham, Ella Mernyk, Nic Little, Molly Robson, Tyler Barrow, commonplacenotebooks, Olive

poster by: Liv Gallagher

These fliers were handed out around the event:

Mouthfull 4FRONT.png


back flier.png


Fliers by Ollie Hutton


art sale room2.jpg

Bedroom converted into art gallery


Jasper Lindsay-Arms and HUMMUCIDE


Ursula Le Sin

Snc 1.png

Same Name Confusion

Hummucide 2.png



-as per Garrett St party these posters were plastered about-