Magnitude 1.0

05/05/17 @ MOON1 Bar

Our first gig to fundraise the production of our movies. The raffle included generously donated goodies from local businesses - Garage Project, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Aro Bake and a commonplace notebook.

The Event:

HEAVYCHEST - With influences ranging from Mac De Marco to Nick Lowe, Heavy Chest promises a genuine set of songs streaming live from his heart.

Damon De Clercq - With his rustic harmonica and tidy folk guitar, the inimitable Damon De Clercq makes his MOON debut! After the rollicking success of his last show with The Sunnies, everyone has been counting the days until his return to stage – and that day has finally come.

FCKCPS - A funky, edgy, styley, groovy, classy, pumping, slick, fun disk-jockey and producer playing tunes to start the night off.

Joel Whitaker - "The first time I heard Joel Whitaker's music I thought there were three guitars in the room" says Ollie Hutton. Hailing from York England, this dreadlocked maestro's fingerpicking will cleanse your ears and your soul.

poster by: Jack Gittings and Andre Smith