Fullfilm Fest exists to hold spaces full of humanity, wisdom, beauty, awe, love, authenticity, education, communion and transcendence.

May the stories screened fill the audience with meaning, connection and a wholly new perspective.

May the light of the filmmaker be experienced without judgement or expectation and instead with the acceptance of experimentation and diversity.

May the collective viewing shared be fulfilling to the eyes, senses and souls of the viewer.

Kia ora and ngā mihi nui to the storytellers and moviemakers who use their mauri to channel these beautiful digital goods. They are kaitiaki of these spaces - whether it be a historical, political, spiritual, emotional or physical space they take you to -

Fullfilm Fest vows to handle the movie's essence with dignity, consciousness and play; 

nurturing this kaupapa from creator to viewer.

Thanks for being here and allowing yourself to be taken to these spaces. Happy watching, and if you'd like to submit a film of your own or a recommendation to the next Film Fest please email:


First Fullfilm Fest

The first Fullfilm Fest was during 121 Festival at the Tauherenikau Racecourse in March 2020.

There were two sessions:

6pm - 11pm Saturday & midday - 4pm Sunday

The schedule of films are as follows.

roommates 2020-02-23 at 10.25.26 PM.png
roommates 2020-02-23 at 10.24.45 PM.png
roommates 2020-02-23 at 10.26.26 PM.png

Roommates (2016) by Jamie Wolfe

3 min

‘Roommates' is the visceral chronicle of four city dwellers pushed to the breaking point. On a day hot enough to liquidize an orange twinsicle, sanity diminishes as the temperature rises. The frosty salvation of the freezer is across the room, but a greater force keeps the door sealed.

The Sun Hates Me (2014) by Damian Golfinopoulos

25 min

The story behind the music video Glare by Sheep, Dog & Wolf.


Edited and Directed by Damian Golfinopoulos.

Shot by the crew making the music video.

Color by Crystal Ashford at Colorspace.

Music by Sheep, Dog & Wolf.

Additional Sound Mix by Joshua Lynn at Thinkt.

Titles and GFX by Lone Wolf Design and Sean Wallace.

Dance of Lonely Birds (2016) by

Ana Scotney a.k.a Ana Te Kōtiro

10 min

Dance of Lonely Birds is about a group of friends at Jaysa's 21st house party in Newtown. It was made as a graduate research project into film making, during Ana’s final year of training at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama school in 2016.



Aotearoa Now (2015) by Ryan Fielding

10 min

A short experimental film which attempts to capture a fleeting essence of New Zealand in 2015.

Margaret’s Dance Class (2020) by Kirana Gaeta

5 min

Margaret is on a mission to get to heaven through helping the sexually inept through specialized dance and good vibes. She does this with the help from her lovely assistant and her dropkick son.




The Way I Know (2018) by Jack Hurst

4 min 

‘The Way I Know’ was filmed near Przemyśl, Poland, in a series of fortifications built in the mid 1800s by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, later garrisoned during the outbreak of WW1. 

The soundtrack consists of two tracks repurposed from an older musical project - a found shortwave radio broadcast, and one of a series of tape loops created in 2016.

Shot on a Panasonic VX2000 with a Century fisheye adaptor.



B U R B S (2015 - 2017)



8 min

The 2017 NZ general election has arrived in the quaint little village of Aro Valley. The Instagram influencers of the suburb plan to attend the local election night party with home brew and ceramics in hand. But is the night going to pan out how they hope? And who will they wake up with on Sunday morning? 

Featuring : Ruby Hansen, Rose Young, Barnaby Olson, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt 



8 min

In the drunken limbo of dawn light, three friends are reminded why all their Sunday mornings should be spent together. 

Featuring : Faith Wilson, Alice May-Connolly and Johanna Cosgrove  


8 min

In a shed in Happy Valley, a father and daughter break a family rule in order to get a teenage boy out of an ice cream container and back to his normal self.

Featuring : Jacinta Compton, John Landreth


RONGOTAI | B U R B S | EP4/S02: 

14 min

Over six years, much is left unsaid at the Wellington Airport drop-off bay. But when unclaimed baggage is finally opened, what will take flight?

Featuring : Jonathan Morgan, Conan Hayes



13 min 

What goes on behind the curtains of renovated Aro Valley villas? How long was the fight before the #couplegoals photo was posted? Is that Instagram influencer really the woman you think she is? All will be revealed on Election Day in Aro Valley. 

Featuring : Ruby Hansen, Rose Young, Barnaby Olson, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt 



B U R B S is a web series about Wellington.

An anthology of dark comedies infused with the quirks of our city’s charismatic little divisions.

We believe in stories that are firmly rooted in the land they are told on. We want audiences to see, smell, and feel the place they grew up (or the home they miss, or the place it feels like they never left).

We are artists engaged in a variety of different pursuits but always come back to wanting to make film sets that are both fulfilling and addictive. Despite a firm interest in our developing visual style, we know that the most important thing in our stories are the people, and aim to serve that throughout each process.


He aha te mea nui o te ao He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.


Created by

Laura Robinson

Stella Reid

Orion Holder-Monk

Rosie Remmerswaal

Andrew Galt


Rainbow (2019) by Sassafras Shepheard

7 min

Rainbow is a short exploration of the colour theory of mise en scene. Through the lens of female fantasy, a woman discovers the emotional action of each colour. “


Made with many beautiful humans, please email for more info or to leave feedback. 


Faltenrock (2019) by Leonie Kock and Janina Rasch

83 min

What does ageing mean in a society when lives become longer? With their friend's camera, two young filmmakers follow four regulars of Hamburg’s FALTENROCK party scene where you have to be over 60 to get in. Mechthild, Christiane and Volker and Christian fly to China, love the symmetry of their bux tree, they volunteer for refugees and disappear into the realm of Facebook for three hours at a time. Dealing with our own vision of age, always means confronting society’s image of it. The documentary FALTENROCK wants to move between those images and challenge our own ideas about retirement. Do we need a new definition of “old”? Empathizing with different lifeworlds also means understanding that anything is possible. Only one thing is certain: Retirement doesn’t have to mean that life is coming to a standstill.


Coming Closer (2018) by Juliette Cellier and

Natalia Zuch

7 min

How do you explain touch? What is smell? How do you express senses?

Coming Closer approaches these questions through the body and mind of a dancer. It is a film about perception and expression, about the need to feel and the ability to overcome distance. A dance that starts with the first breath, meanders through the small hairs on your arms, crawls through your legs and doesn’t stop with the next step. Coming Closer opens your eyes and ears, tickles your skin and makes you wonder about the tingling on your tongue.

Can you follow?

Raspberry and Coke (2018) by 

Francesca Sewell and Alice Toomer

14 min

In this melancholic slice of New Zealand life, Nina (Lydia Peckham) attempts to reconnect with her estranged and volatile older brother after he unexpectedly returns home. As past patterns repeat themselves, Nina begins to question how much she is willing to endure to keep her family together.

Living as a Story Thing skits (2017) by

Mouthfull Productions

5 min

Based upon Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs, these five short films explore various themes of philosophy, art, absurdity and everything in between through ‘slice of life’ narratives and scenes. 3/5 have been made - each 15 minutes long. What you see today is just the first three skits as a little taste.


It's the Flying Man (2019) by Ollie Hutton

12 min

Short film and music video made in conjunction with Wellington based indie-pop band O & the Mo’s first single release ‘Flying Man’. This is the second time ever that it has been seen in the public eye after a packed May 2019 screening at the Wellington Chocolate Factory.  Follow the story of Mr. Bennett, a flustered loveable fool, endeavouring to return home by plane to Hokitika, despite all odds against him. In this debut performance, we follow Mr. Bennett's first encounter with the smooth-talking and mysterious Flying Man. In a turn of events, we see an unlikely relationship blossom between the pair as they take to the clouds.

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 4.31.31 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 4.57.20 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 12.59.11
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Fullfilm Fest the Second

Pop up film festivals at these beautiful independent music festivals surrounded by bush and sea.

A selection of short films played on loop in one of Mouthfull's art tents.

Summertime '21.


Lights from the Underworld

This Fullfilm Fest iteration is part of

What If The City Was A Theatre? 

‘Lights from the Underworld’ are being projected onto the outside walls of Reading Cinema mall.

Taking the old screen from inside the complex to shine onto the dilapidated exterior for all to see, at the Wakefield St carpark in Pōneke over

11th to 14th February 2021. 

The lights are the stories; the energy and essence of the filmmakers. The underworld is the shadow of the industrial cityscapes and the world/cave it creates.

'Allow yourself to be filled with this light as we are collectively cast in a state of transcendent limbo in this carpark. Over forty short films and a few feature films (mostly all from Aotearoa) will enliven your senses and send you back into the light of day feeling illuminated, connected and alive.'

lights form underwodl copy.jpg