ArtJaunt is a showcase of new art across central Wellington. Twelve artists will develop and display works in considered public locations, encouraging the community to explore and interact with accessible art in the urban commons. 

This two day workshop will host an array of guest speakers, exercises, and learning material to enable attendees to share, learn, and develop concepts to explore through their practice outside of an institutional realm. 


You can expect this workshop to:

  • Challenge and provoke participants into new approaches to art in public space.

  • Provide lessons from venerable speakers and valuable resources to enhance the attendees’ toolkits.

  • Embark on the value of critique, and establish a question to ask the community with the works.

  • Assist in strategising methods to implement artworks logistically, considering resources, consent, safety, and time.

  • Encourage creatives to converse with one another in the creative process; share ideas, work together, and collaboratively approach concepts that will inform the works they create for the ArtJaunt.

The development workshop runs for 2 days: November 14th & 15th from 9am-3pm

Want to be part of ArtJaunt? Apply below. Submissions are open until Seventh of November. There are 15 spaces available.

note- attendees of the workshop should be willing to commit to the process of creating new public art for display in early 2021


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