Mouthfull is a multi-media arts collective centred in Pōneke, Aotearoa. With a background in film and an emphasise on community events Mouthfull strive to connect, inspire and re-enchant people from all walks (stories) of life (art).

Through creation, curation and facilitation of artworks, experiences and spaces ~~~  Mouthfull manoeuvres an experimental, collaborative and compassionate approach to exploring the notion of consciously consuming (in all its forms). This sometimes takes shape in immersive installations, guided tours, workshops, improvised performance, radio broadcasting, and the occasional interview. 

We're all about supporting the arts that surround us ~ bringing people together to learn (or unlearn) how our experiences shape us, and how we can, through love, become more understood and connected.

Current core Mouthfull personal;

Ollie Hutton

Jack Gittings

Liv Gallagher


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We like sinking our 

teeth into ideas

that define our time